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Mines Of The Future

A ground-breaking report reveals that the Egyptian military and security forces as well as the Islamic State (ISIS) local affiliate Wilayat Sina’ have launched attacks against schools, school children and...

08 Apr 2024 327
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Attacks on Education in Egypt’s North Sinai May Be War Crimes

The Egyptian military and security forces as well as the Islamic State (ISIS) local affiliate Wilayat Sina’...

08 Apr 2024 66
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Joint statement: Egypt must immediately and unconditionally release anti-torture protester Mahmoud Hussein

The Egyptian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release Mahmoud Hussein who is facing 25 years in prison...

28 Mar 2024 24
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"The Philadelphi Axis: An Israeli Security Need or a Pretext"

Recent political tensions between Egypt and Israel have intensified against the backdrop of the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. A pivotal moment came with Israel’s announcement of an imminent military operation in Rafah, thrusting the issue of the Philadelphi Corridor into the forefront. This 14-kilometer border strip, established by the 1979 Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel, historically served as a buffer zone to prevent cross-border smuggling between Egypt and the Gaza Strip

26 Mar 2024 81
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Almost 140 human rights groups urge federal courts to hold U.S. accountable for failing to prevent plausible genocide in Gaza

Almost 140 international human rights groups, representing thousands of social justice and movement lawyers globally, have submitted...

17 Mar 2024 13
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Open Letter from Egyptian and European rights organization on the new EU-Egypt joint declaration

We, undersigned civil society organizations, contact you ahead of your visit to his Excellency the President of...

16 Mar 2024 18
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Questionable Amnesty Deals for ISIS Members

The Egyptian authorities appear to have made opaque amnesty deals in recent years with suspected members of the Islamic...

13 Mar 2024 30
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Egypt to create a gated high-security area in the reception of Palestinian refugees from Gaza

The Sinai Foundation obtained information through a relevant source that indicates that the construction work currently taking...

14 Feb 2024 74
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Joint Statement: Thirteen Years After Mubarak's Ouster, Unprecedented Repression and Economic Instability in Egypt

Thirteen years after Egyptians courageously took to the streets and forced the autocratic president Hosni Mubarak to...

11 Feb 2024 13
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Egypt: Judicial authorities condemned for “recycling” political prisoners into new cases after the end of their prison term

The undersigned human rights organizations denounce the Egyptian authorities’ continued policy of not releasing political detainees after...

05 Feb 2024 10

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