08 Oct 2020
Founding Statement Sinai Foundation for Human Rights
08 أكتوبر 2020


In light of the persisting armed conflict in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula that has caused severe losses to civilians, and the spread of regular and continuous violations of the locals, starting with extrajudicial killings and forced displacement on a large scale, in addition to the ongoing media and juridical blackout in the Sinai Peninsula since 2013 to this day, keeping any independent information that shows the truths which are taking place in the region from the public eye

Sensing the danger of using Sinai as a warzone, where terrorist and counter-terrorist operations take place, leading to its transformation into a life-repelling environment that records high levels of violations caused by long-term armed conflict, random life-threatening bombings, forced displacement, and other severely dangerous violations

For these reasons above, we announce on the 6th of October that “Sinai Foundation for Human Rights” was established as a non-governmental human rights group, comprising of a group of local activists, researchers, and journalists, to present a real picture of what is happening in the peninsula, to fight against all forms of violations, and shine a light on the humanitarian conditions of the locals as a weak, marginalized class that became victim to armed conflict. In addition to supporting victims of violations, through broadcasting what is happening to the international media and human rights communities, to get past the governmental blackout, ensuring victims their rights, and shining a light on their suffering

“Sinai Foundation for Human Rights” comes from a place of freedom, justice, equality, and countering violence, and it adheres to all international human rights pacts, decelerations, and conventions, and focuses through its work on cities and villages in the Sinai Peninsula, and watches the actions of the active parties in Sinai, which are: 1) Egyptian institutions and agencies, including security and military forces, 2) Radical irregular armed groups, including “Islamic State in Sinai”, and 3) Pro-government armed groups

Finally, the “Sinai Foundation” emphasizes that it seeks to use all available legal channels, with the aim of putting a stop to the humanitarian violations and holding the perpetrators accountable, and providing all information and reports to the authorities to achieve that