14 Feb 2024
Egypt to create a gated high-security area in the reception of Palestinian refugees from Gaza
14 فبراير 2024

The Sinai Foundation obtained information through a relevant source that indicates that the construction work currently taking place in eastern Sinai, is intended to create a high-security gated and isolated area near the borders with Gaza strip, in preparation for the reception of Palestinian refugees in the case of the mass exodus of the citizens of Gaza Strip.


The foundation interviewed two local contractors who said that local construction companies had been commissioned this construction work by Ibrahim Al-Arjani - A close businessman to the authorities - Abnaa Sinai For Construction & Building, who had been directly assigned the commission through the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority. The construction work is intended to build a gated area, surrounded by 7-meter-high walls. After the removal of the rubble of the houses of the indigenous people of Rafah, who were displaced forcibly and their houses demolished during the war against terrorism against ISIS.


The area is expected to be levelled and ready in no more than 10 days. They said this information is being circulated in closed circuits to avoid publication, noting that the work is being done under the supervision of the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority under heavy security presence.


Sinai Foundation published a report two days ago with exclusive images showing the Egyptian authorities starting rapid construction on the border area of eastern Sinai. Additionally, this morning the Institution’s team observed the building of a cement wall of 7 meters in height starting at a point in Qoz Abo Raad village south of Rafah city, directed towards the Mediterranean Sea north, parallel to the border with Gaza Strip.


 In an interview with Mr Mohannad Sabry, a researcher specialising in Sinai and Egyptian security, he said:

The construction works seen in Sinai along the border with Gaza—the erection of a reinforced security perimeter around a specified and open stretch of land—are serious signals that Egypt could be preparing to accept and allow the displacement of the people of Gaza into Sinai, in coordination with Israel and the United States.

The construction works that started early Monday, February 12 have its eastern borders lying between a point southern of the Rafah border crossing and another southern of the Kerem Shalom border crossing, while its western borders lie between Qoz Abo Raad village and El-Masora village. Military intelligence officers are present as well as the ‘Fursan Al-Haitham’ militia that stems from the Sinai Tribal coalition headed by businessman Ibrahim Al-Arjani, near the Qoz Abo Raad area south of the city of Rafah, along with construction tools, bulldozers and local contractors.